Who is Bob Refani?

Bob Refani is a Real Estate entrepreneur with a reputation for leadership, professionalism, excellence, and outstanding results. He is known throughout the industry as a warm and hard-working sales professional, with a talent for reaching out to others. In addition to running his own brokerage company, Red Rose Realty Inc., he is dedicated to mentoring new and aspiring agents at Real Estate Tutoring. With ten years experience in the business, Bob knows that success is established not only from providing the best value to clients, but also in helping others be the best they can be.
  • Real Estate Tutor
  • Broker of Record at Red Rose Realty Brokerage
  • Acting Real Estate Broker
  • Real Estate Mentor

Creator of a Unique Method

Bob Refani's unique method of Real Estate Tutoring has enabled thousands of students efficiently become better Real Estate agents and be successful in there careers. His method is essentially built on four pillars to guarantee highest results:





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