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Real Estate Tutoring is one of the leading Real Estate programs offered in Canada, providing professional skills in the Real Estate industry. We work on all aspects of career education for licensing and foster professional development of the real estate professional in you. Real Estate Tutoring is endlessly intensifying its library of lessons, notes, textbooks, sample test papers, and additional resources for its students. We work hard to help our real estate aspirants ace the OREA exam and start their career in real estate. We prepare our students to start their careers without wasting precious time or hard-earned money. And, we provide our students with prepared notes that won’t be found anywhere else. If you want to clear the OREA exam and obtain a Real Estate License, if you are already licensed and taking the Articling courses, or if you wish to renew a license, Real Estate Tutoring is the perfect place to accomplish your goals as a real estate agent.

Who Is Real Estate Tutoring

The objective of Real Estate Tutoring is to save you time as well as money. We offer weekend classes so that our students can work throughout the week and attend classes only on weekends. The aim of Real Estate Tutoring is to train students to ace the real estate exam on their first attempt.
If you are a real estate aspirant who wants to save time and money by focusing on the right path with the right course, enrol with us at Real Estate Tutoring and watch your success develop. In addition, Real Estate Tutoring presents a free demo-class that you may attend to decide if Real Estate Tutoring is right for you.
We promise to deliver and have success stories that make us proud. Real Estate Tutoring strives to make the most of our students time in preparing them to pass the exam on their first attempts.
At Real Estate Tutoring, we have high success rates and are proud to see the success of our students. As a leading institute in real estate education, we are an association of professionals that provides the best of study materials to aspiring Real Estate students and professionals. We instruct our students on key, test-related content and do not waste time on materials that won’t be tested. We have our own tests that prepare our students to recognize and focus on relevant material and to manage their time for the exam.

What We Offer

Save Time & Money 90%
Best Study Materials 95%
In House Test 85%
Pass Easy & Fast 100%

Meet Our Tutor

Bob Refani
Bob RefaniTutor & Coach
One of the key advantages that Real Estate Tutoring offers, is simplified real estate materials that simplify understanding the important concepts, and reduce licensing complications. Bob Refani has effectively simplified the real estate licensing textbooks, making it possible for you to get your license in a much shorter period of time. Apart from weekend classes, Bob prepares you for the exam and guides you on the licensing process through individual or small group tutoring sessions.

Whether you need consultations on your future career or simply want to find out if Bob’s methods can help you get your license easier and faster, TAKE PART IN A FREE SESSION or Contact Us to book a meeting with Bob.

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