FAQ Page

Yes. After you have earned your license, we offer a variety of mentoring courses that help you understand the larger scope of real estate. They include effective networking and advertising, and the study of real life agreements. We also provide the mandatory articling courses needed to keep and maintain your license, as well as brokering courses.

90 to 95 percent of our students pass exams the first time. For the small number who don’t pass, classes are provided free of charge until they are successful.

We provide relevant sample questions based on past experience and current information from recent graduates. OREA chooses questions randomly for each course and we do our best to ensure our students are prepared from all angles.

You can start at any time. Our weekend sessions are set up as modules that repeat every four weeks. Simply pick up what you missed when the module comes around again.

If you are working, we recommend studying for your license part-time. With our weekend courses we expect you will be ready to get your license in just four months without having to give up any income.

Don’t take our word for it. Attend a free introductory session. In just once class you’ll determine your comfort level with our format and material. As an added benefit, you will be exposed to some sample questions and answers.

Quite simply, you will get your real estate license faster and easier without attending OREA college classes (which can take up to 18 months). If you enroll in OREA’s online learning option, you can write your exams whenever you’re ready. Over four weekends with us, you will enjoy the benefit of working with others while continuing to earn your regular income. For maximum efficiency, we cover only the relevant components of the OREA curriculum, focusing on what you’ll need to know to pass the exams the first time.

All applicants for a real estate license must be registered in classes with OREA. They can study either full time in a classroom, or part-time online. Real Estate Tutoring classes are intended to be a supplement to OREA training. We provide targeted learning on only the relevant components of the OREA curriculum so that you can pass each of your three exams faster, and with a higher rate of success.

OREA Real Estate College provides all real estate registration courses on behalf of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). They are the only agency authorized to test for, and issue, real estate licenses in Ontario. OREA offers programs in classroom or through online learning. Real Estate Tutoring classes are conveniently located right next door to OREA College in Toronto.

We ensure that you are fully prepared for the entrance exam by providing support with English language and math skills. You are invited to attend your first class at no charge to determine your comfort level with the material before moving forward.

When students are unable to provide proof of their secondary school education, they must pass an entrance exam, which tests your English comprehension skills and proficiency in mathematics.

Renewing your Real Estate License

In order to renew a license every two years, the Real Estate Council of Ontario requires agents to complete a selection of online courses to keep their knowledge current and relevant.

Keeping your Real Estate License

To be eligible to renew their license, students must complete three articling courses within two years. Not passing the exams for these courses may result in license suspension if you they are not successful within one year.


The Real Estate profession falls within a highly regulated industry. As such, there are standardized examinations that all applicants must complete with a minimum grade of 75%.

Obtaining your Real Estate License

Anyone accepted into the real estate licensing program must successfully complete three consecutive levels of training, through OREA College, whose mandatory examinations are regulated by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). The full time program at OREA can take up to 18 months and many must wait a time for space to be available and the cycle to repeat itself. Students who work full time may opt to complete the courses online before they write the exams. Regardless of which method they choose, students are required to pass each exam with a minimum of 75% or they will be asked to repeat it within one year. Some may need to write the exam several times before the minimum grade is achieved.