How to

To answer this question in a simple way you should know that as of this date the only organization that is allowed to take real estate examination in Ontario is OREA college and basically students have to pass three exams to be eligible to apply and get their licenses.

Most students start the courses with OREA college In a classroom format and attend the courses in person, but this could be a lengthy prossess since they have to wait for class opening and attend the courses during the week and finally they may even not pass the exams at their first attempt.The college gives students 18 months to finish this three courses and pass the exams with a minimum 75% mark from %100.
Our students take the courses with the college correspondence or online and only write the exam there.
They learn the courses by attending our three hour tutorial courses on weekends and passing each exam within 4 weekends of focusing on most important topics and practicing the sample questions.
most of them could pass all three exams without failing within 3 to 4 months and apply for their real estate licence and they do all of this part time so they could work during the week and save their income now for when they really going to need it and got their licenses.