Principals of Appraisal Course

At Principals of Appraisal Course, we provide students targeted instruction that covers:

  • Valuation theory
  • Development of registrants’ abilities to evaluate property in the course of trading activities
Principals of Appraisal

Weekend Classes

allowing students to retain their current employment

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Important Topics

Using our methods, you will get engage with important topics.

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Technical Requirements

This course is about 60 t0 70 marks math and for many is the easiest course between the optional courses.

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Sample Questions

Our students are provided with excellent sample questions to help prepare for the exam.

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Articling Courses

After students get their licence for their first two years in business, they are considered in the Articling Segment. They have to pass three courses to be able to renew their licence at the end of the Articling Period.

Commercial Property
Students will have completed The Real Estate Transaction-General plus one of either The Residential Real Estate Transaction or The Commercial Real Estate Transaction. This course is not to be completed in the Pre-registration Segment. Students must now complete the remaining course as part of the mandatory Articling Segment. Read More +
Property Law
Real Property Law provides students with a clear understanding of legal issues concerning property ownership and in-depth knowledge of a number of legislative acts. Read More +
Principals of Appraisal
The students will be provided with an understanding of the Property Valuation theory and development of registrants’ abilities to valuate property in the course of trading activities. Read More +

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